Thank you for using our tool to identify a valid and reliable measure for measuring mobility in older adults in acute care. This tool was created by: 1) completing a scoping review to identify all mobility measures which are valid and reliable in acute care settings for patients over the age of 65; 2) conducting a mapping activity to identify the constructs that are measured; 3) performing a stakeholder panel with experts to rate each measure and provide feedback; and 4) conducting usability testing with end users.

What can you expect?

This tool will provide you with a list of all of the valid and reliable outcome measures which can be used in acute care to measure mobility in older adults (>65). If you work with a different population in your practice, we cannot guarantee that these measures have been validated in that population. All measures that are linked to are freely available, or their citations are provided. We have not edited or modified the measures in any way.

Please ensure you put safety first (yours and the patients') – only conduct mobility assessments on patients who can safely do each activity. If you’re unsure, please consult an expert in your department.


The tool is divided into three sections:

  • Questions
    Answer two quick questions to determine the best measure for your needs.
  • Top Responses
    Based on your answers to the questions, see which mobility assessment tools are most suited towards your situation.
  • Toolkit
    See all 6 valid and reliable mobility assessment measures that were identified in our systematic review.


Question 1

1. Please select the amount of time you have to administer the mobility assessment:

Please select one of the following

Question 2

2. Please select the aspects of mobility that are most important for you to measure. You may choose as many or as few as you would like.

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